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Ministeren som "ville" endre Barneloven

Equality Challenges

Av: Tommy Hoholm

The 03/05/2015 the government the following article written by children and Equality Minister: "Violence against women - one of our biggest equality challenges."

Right fathers have followed Solveg Hornets former numerous and settlement in relation to gender equality challenges in child custody cases. To equate parents as caregivers at breakup will affect conflict prevention. How will we be able to avoiding that so many child custody cases end up in court, says Solveig Horne on FRP's official website.In this connection the Fathers Law sent an official letter to the Minister how they set a number of specific questions.Read the letter here.                                             

Equality Challenges The 03/05/2015 the government the following article written by children and Equality Minister: "Violence against women - one of our biggest equality challenges." We at Fathers Straight think it's good that it will focus on this theme both nationally and internationally. But it worries us Fathers Straight that the entire focus is directed towards her way to the same rights as man. We quote from the chronicle "Now in 2015, we see that it is far from women and men have equal rights" argument followed up with that this has a cost of 4.5 to 6 billion a year. This is then further be highlighted in the government's equality message which will be presented this summer.Right fathers would wished Children, Equality and Social Inclusion Minister could highlighted father's rights under custody cases. In the part does not mention gender equality challenges, something that worries Fathers Straight and all fathers in Norway. When the Labour Party Inga Marte Thorkildsen set as Minister pointed you (Document no. 15: 1302 (2011 to 2012)) that: "The increase in disputes associated with child custody cases are disturbing and what steps will the Minister take to bring down the number of cases in the court?"

Background for this question was that the number of custody cases had taken vigorously by. You pointed out that this was not desirable and that this cost the parties and the state large sums. In addition, pointed out that "many courts have also little knowledge about child custody ....

"Fathers Right believes that one of the main reasons why the number of child custody cases end up in court, is justified by the imbalance in terms of where the child will live after my mom and dad split up. In Aftenposten of June 17, 2012 "Children Act must be amended" stated that: "it would be better for all parties if initially was a shared custody, and not that one parent takes everything after a breakup.

I think in many cases it would have led to a lower level of conflict. And it must be the best for the kids! "You say further that:" It is paradoxical that the man's role as father is becoming increasingly important and more like mom. But everything comes to a halt at samlivsbrudd- Then suddenly my father so important, when he stands there with virtually no rights.

The government must get a grasp on. "Fathers Straight is one hundred percent agree with the Minister's statement, but can not see that anything has happened since this statement was made in 2012.In Dagbladet of 12.03.2014 taking Tore Frellumstad a powerful settlement with custody policy in Norway. He pointed out that "the interests of the child is what will weigh heaviest, but in the face of the system's reality another."

Moreover, he says: "You are forced to accept a 40-60 solution where children are a bit more maternal and you have to pay contributions. Unless the case is closed for judgment, with great risk that you get a lot less interaction with the children. "In answer to this you say:"

During my eight years in Parliament, I have been contacted by many despairing fathers, lest I take this very seriously. Mann panel and Equality Ombudsman has stated that the current regulations are perceived as discriminatory for men. I was concerned about this in opposition, and I am concerned about this as minister, says Solveig Horne told Dagbladet."

Right fathers have the same opinion as Tore Frellumstad that there is concern for the child is most important and that it is the child's rights must weigh heaviest. Fathers Straight detects that the percentage distribution unfortunately votes in most custody cases. The undersigned also think like the Children, Equality and Social Inclusion Minister that initially should have been shared custody, since that would conflict levels have been lower. 

Right fathers are of the firm opinion that it is now time for the equality issue also raised in relation to the father's rights by custody.Fathers Law therefore requires a response from Barne, - Equality, - and Inclusion Minister on what has happened in relation to the work of change in children's law? What has been done and what should be done next?Fathers Straight invites Children, Equality and Social Inclusion Minister Solveig Horne dialogue on child law.


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